Sunday, July 18, 2010

Femme Couture Gel liner in Espresso & Navy & I hit pan on something!

I'm always on the hunt for Gel Liners. I love the Physician Formula liners I got but I wish that they were a little more longer lasting. So when I was in Sally's I decided to try out these two liners, Femme Couture, that were on sale for $2.99. I picked up Espresso, which is a dark brown, and Navy, which is a dark blue.

Espresso dries to a matte finish, but Navy had a bit of shimmer in it. Both are longer lasting than the PF ones, but still smudge if you rub them, as noted in the picture below. The parallel lines are the FC liners, and the smaller ones are the PF.

When I bought these I noticed mine we cracked right down the fucking middle. I was kinda upset but the liners aren't dried out so I sucked it up. They come with little whites caps which YOU CAN NOT LOSE
The caps won't click shut without them .

I love that these are darker than the PF ones I have, because it's subtle but accentuates my eyes lovely. As I said above, they smudge, but wear long otherwise. I cried with both of these on and they still held their ground.
Would I buy these again? I would actually. I want uncracked ones and for 2.99 (Or regular retail price of 5.99) It's a good deal. I think however that they are getting phased out or something because the Sally site only lists black & navy.

And! I hit pan on this product a while ago but found it today when I was looking for a mirror.
It's E.L.F Studio Complexion Perfection! I use this to even out my skintone in the winter. I'm going to get another one soon in my next purchase from ELF.

Questions? Comments? General Observations? Feel free to ask me!

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