Wednesday, September 18, 2013

HAUL Disney Villains Fall 2013 PHOTO HEAVY!!

We've all seen those new Disney Villains sets lately right? I've been all over the city trying to find them since I first saw them on Nouveau Cheap.

I'm a hardcore disney fan and I am forever beating myself up for not getting ANY of the Disney at Sephora collections but the time is nigh and I am making sure I don't miss ANYTHING.

I first saw the ponytail holders at my Walgreens and I've been toying around with getting the Ursula one but I can't decide (hint I decided and I'm getting it Friday). But with more people posting pictures of the rest of the collection I got antsy because a lot of stuff won't make it here to RVA because who knows why. So when I saw FULL DISPLAYS for the eyelashes, nail art kits and lookbooks I bleated like a sheep, shoved the Milani shadow I was looking at back on the shelf and ran to the aisle. Problem was the display was on the tippy top so here I am on my toes trying to reach something and thankfully an associate came over and helped me and then I ran home and LETS JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURES

NOTE: When I moved out of my parents house somehow I lost my digital camera so until I can buy a new one please excuse the phone pictures. 
Additionally I have used photoshop to alter the colors so they match as close to the IRL product

I got the:

ELF Disney Villains Lookbook in Cruella:

Kiss Disney Villains Nail Art Kits in Ursula and Maleficent:

Thanks for reading! I'll have some reviews up soon! I PROMISE

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